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  • Gal Bracha

    Gal Bracha

    Digital Nomad. Blockchain Dev. Developing for Positive Impact. Helping communities and individuals who wants to change the status quo and make a better world.

  • Chris Bennett

    Chris Bennett

    Based in San Francisco. From Miami. Wharton grad. Building @soldsie!

  • David Ma

    David Ma

    Sydney based bioinformatician, data viz expert, foodblogger and community leader for /r/photography and /r/dataisbeautiful โ€” Instagram: Frostickle

  • Kushagra Jain

    Kushagra Jain

    Front-end Developer who is passionate about writing

  • Dan Kosmayer

    Dan Kosmayer

    Founder & CEO of Kozzi Images - Leader in providing stunning images at very affordable prices / Passionate Photographer and Microstock Blogger

  • Patrick L. Cheatham

    Patrick L. Cheatham

    U.S. Air Force Captain (Retired), Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, Solopreneur, Coder, Musician, Author, Photographer, and Bipolar Example

  • Balita Erick

    Balita Erick

  • Trevor Creech

    Trevor Creech

    Bitcoin. Startups. Travel. Hack.

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